Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Catch Up

I apologize for being MIA the last week or so.  It's been crazy busy around here.  My ICloud went out again for a few days, so getting pictures was next to impossible.  Thankfully, I got that fixed, so I am up and running again.  I have so many posts I want to do.  Who knows if I will get to all of them.  They sound so great in my head.  I just I am not great with the follow through on all of them.  So you are getting the usual, photo dumpage!!!

All of these pics are from last weekend--

 We had red velvet pancakes!!! They were so delish!!!
 We did a little Christmas shopping!  J loves UT Longhorns just like GPa.
Addi and Owen's Christmas program

 J loved the spaghetti!!!
 Sweet Addi

 Addi, Jackson, Owen

 Sunday after church we had lunch at Campo Verde!!!
 Yes, J is stuffing his face with chips and salsa.
 J loves snowmen!!!
 Such a cute little elf!!!
Aaron and I went with my parents to watch the Cowboys play.  They lost!!! Booo!!!
That's last weekend!!! I've got a lot more!!!  Stay tuned...

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