Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

The weathermen predicted right this time!!!  We got ice and lots of it!  The best part?  School was cancelled on Friday and Monday.  Not that big of deal, right?  I only work part-time, you say?  Well, Aaron's workplace goes by FWISD cancellation, which means he has been home with us.  That's made it really fun.  Imagine all three of us in our pjs all day.

This is what we looked like!!! 

Yep, it wasn't pretty!!!  No makeup and pjs or sweats all day for 3 days! 
Thankfully, I made a mad dash to the store Thursday night before it hit to stock up on food. Otherwise, that might have been scary, too!!!

J did great!!!  Except, he really wanted to go outside.  So Daddy took him out on Friday morning.

We didn't stay out long because it was FREEZING!!!  I mean your hands stinging, kind of cold.  Of course, because we rarely have this type of cold, J and I don't have gloves.  Pitiful, I know!!!
And as you can tell, J didn't want to come inside!!!
I bought this felt tree kit at Target earlier in the week, so we busted it out.  J had fun for a little while putting the felt ornaments on the tree.  He has shown little interest since then.  Oh well!!!
He also watched A LOT of Baby Einstein: On the Go!  Aunt Holly gave us three of their old DVDS a couple of weeks ago.  The only one he likes out of the three is On the Go!  The first 15 minutes is all about cars, trucks, buses, anything with wheels.  He LOVES it!!!! He stops watching once the trains, planes, and boats come on the screen.  He is quite partial to wheels!!!

We did venture out to my parents house on Saturday afternoon to watch the UT/Baylor game and eat my mom's homemade baked potato soup.

We found that the main roads weren't bad, but the residential streets were a little dicey.  We had no problems getting there.  It was getting home that took FOREVER!!!  A normal drive to my parents is about 7 minutes.  It took us 30 minutes to get home!!!  We had the hardest time getting out of their subdivision because of the hill leading out to the main road.  My 4 Runner kept locking up.  The hill alone took at least 10 minutes.
Since schools were closed again today, I told Aaron we had to get out!!!  Can you say cabin fever!!!
We got out and mailed our Christmas cards, went to Toys R Us and Target, and met my parents for some Mexican food. 

I am so thankful for being forced to stay in for a few days.  How often do we just stop and really spend time together?  I know for us, and we aren't as busy as lots of families, those times are few.  I have really enjoyed being in pjs with no makeup drinking coffee and hot cocoa snuggling on the couch.  It has been a nice break in the middle of this busy season.  Plus, I got my Christmas cards addressed and did the majority of my Christmas shopping online.  I accomplished things as well as relaxed.  A win/win, right?


  1. We enjoyed our time together as a family because of the ice storm too. It was nice to be made to stop and rest and spend time together. I did a lot of online shopping too and I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping!

  2. Loved all the pictures! We enjoyed our down time (to an extent haha) as well. I like being forced to slow things down for a little bit :)