Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Week + J's First Cowboys Game

This week flew by.  Being the last week before school starts, I've been ultra busy trying to get even more stuff done at school.
I haven't said to much about it, but Aaron lost his job 3 weeks ago.  The reason I am saying anything now is because he actually interviewed and got hired for a new one and starts this Monday.  Prayers answered and a huge sigh of relief on that. It's amazing how God is looking out for us.  For that, I am so grateful!  It's so good to be one of His. 
Another positive note is the fact that Aaron has been able to spend so much time with Jackson over the last 3 weeks.  It has allowed me to work more than 50% (more like 80 to 90%) and not feel so guilty.  I don't mind leaving J with Daddy more than two and a half days a week, but I HATE having to take more time than that with RaRa and Meema.  I know that have other things to do besides watch J every day.

This is some of the things we've been up to lately-

Sunday lunch at BoomerJacks
Where a random waitress told us that J was the cutest baby she had ever seen in her life!

Monday afternoon walk at Foster Park



Never a dull moment when Mommy's cooking.

My view on our evening walks.  LOVE!!!

 The only picture I got at GG's birthday party, and GG isn't in it!  I realized I didn't see J anymore, so I peeked around the corner and saw this.  Doc was watching J play!!!  So sweet!!!

Flipped J's car seat to forward facing.  He loves looking out the window now.

 Love his legs in this shot!!!

J's First Dallas Cowboys Game

Yeah, I didn't get the memo that big bags aren't allowed anymore, so the parking attendant gave me a gallon size bag.  Can you say airport security?  What a pain in the butt!!!

Fascinated by the Jumbo screen!!!

Love his hair and hair cut!!!

Some reading material.  I don't think Daddy will like this in a few years.  He's going to expect you to pay attention and talk stats.

Fun with the free giveaway!

Nice play!!!!  Love J's paci!

Family photo as we were leaving.
Overall J did pretty well.  We almost made it to half-time.  Luckily, it was a preseason game.  That's the only way we would've done it with J.  I can't see Daddy missing a regular season game to leave for bedtime.


  1. What a wonderful life God is blessing your family with!!! That little Jackson is very cute and intelligent...reading this book! :)

    Wow and yay for Diggs' job situation.

    Have a wonderful school year, Hayley! Oh, I'm sure Deb and Ali wouldn't mind it a bit if they had to keep Jackson every single day....grandma time is so special!

    Poppie T.

  2. How fun going to the game!!

    Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job but yay for getting another so quickly! What will he be doing?