Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walk Down Memory Lane

This afternoon Aaron and I decided to clean out the "man cave" closet.  It really is kind of our office/ collect all room.  I rarely clean it because I don't use it much. Plus, it's always one big mess.  Aaron was so proud of himself because yesterday while I was at work he "cleaned" the cave.  When I began investigating the "clean".  What I found was everything was just shoved in the already overcrowded closet.  So today I spontaneously got to work in the room I really try to avoid.  We ended up spending 2 hours in there with a large trash bag.  By the end we had one large bag full of junk and papers we didn't need.  As I was cleaning, I came across a bunch of old pictures I had completely forgotten about as well as some CDs full of pictures. 
Here are a few of the pictures off the CDs I came across. Some I'll be honest I had never seen, and some were long since forgotten.  It was such a nice treat to reflect and remember some wonderful memories.

At our rehearsal dinner-  We are soooo young!!! (March 2, 2007)

I know my grandmother's eyes are closed, but I had to include it.  Wish she were still here to meet J.

I had never seen these of Will and me.  Kara snapped these after the ceremony.  I so remember her taking these, but I had never seen them until today.  Notice the strong resemblance between Will and Jackson.

Off a CD, GG gave us with some pics of our wedding.  Look how cute Will, Maddie, and Bailey are.  They were babies!!!

Love this one!!!  I wonder what they are talking about?
Honeymoon in Maui- Mr. Cool!!!

Oh my goodness!!!  I look so young!!!
We went to visit John, Katie, and Ramona in Austin. (summer 2007)

Ramona styling with her sunglasses.

Love this picture of two great friends.
At Yellowstone- Summer 2007 (I look so back to nature.)

Best parents EVER!!!

Georgia's wedding- Aug. 18, 2007 in Gainesville, GA
Old college friends back together.

 I had completely forgotten about our horrible apartment neighbors.  We found this awful blob of who knows what stuck to our door one evening and the numbers on our door spray painted white.  Aaaww... the joys of apartment living.

Ringing in 2008

My team of seventh graders went to Mission Arlington to serve the community. January 2008
Off a CD, Ali gave me.  I think November 2009? I had never seen this.
Aaron's 30th Birthday Bash- I threw for him!  January 2010
Pics that Ali took from my TCU graduation December 18, 2010

Great parents and hubby who supported me through it all.  I still love that Jessica Simpson dress!!!

Being hooded with my masters

Wow!!! I look super interested!
Pics a coworker of Aaron's gave him from his work baby shower.  His office went all out!!!  Such a wonderful shower!!!
Feb. 3, 2012- 3 days before J made his debut!!!
That's all!!! What a fun trip into the past (pre- Jackson)!!!



  1. Aww so cute! Loved the pics!

  2. Hey girl!

    I saw your comment that you tried the recipe and I tried to respond, but you are a "no-reply comment" blogger. I am so glad it turned out and that you liked it (:


  3. I am a TCU grad also! Go Frogs!