Sunday, August 11, 2013

All We Do Is Eat

Sadly, all the pictures I took this past week was Jackson eating.  Because I was working all day everyday, I wasn't with J much.  Here's our week in pictures:

Tuesday night's dinner

Thursday's lunch- Daddy and J met me at Taco Bueno.  Such a nice treat!!!

Sunday night's dinner-  Daddy chose, so we got Vietnamese.  Not my favorite!!!

Notice J's look when we first arrive.  Not sure about the place!

Sprout topping stuff that goes on top of Daddy's noodle soup stuff.
J's reaction to sprout thing.  Get it off my tongue!!!

Then came the food.  We ordered J white rice with grilled chicken.

J LOVED the sticky rice.  No surprise!  He likes rice.  He LOVED the chicken.  HUGE surprise! He usually doesn't eat chicken when I make it.  This momma was highly disturbed that he liked the fatty, weird chicken.  You know the kind that they serve in mall food courts.  The stuff I gag at the sight of.  Yep, he LOVED it!!!  In fact, he probably would have eaten more.  Definitely, his father's son!  I thought we were on the same page at the beginning of the experience, but I believe Daddy won him over in the end.

J's mess at the end!

This always happens with a baby and rice.  It gets EVERYWHERE.  We got a not so nice look from the manager because of this.   And yes I did try to help out and clean it up a bit.  But to be honest if you have a restaurant and children are allowed, this will happen.  Sorry dude!!!  Aaron says we will not return because he didn't appreciate the manager's glare and attitude.  My husband who doesn't let anything like this get to him declared as we drove home that we would not go back.  Don't mess with J and his rice is all I got to say!!!


  1. Hey girl!

    I saw your comment and tried to reply but you are a no-reply comment blogger!!! Thank you for sharing your story! I want to compile all these and put them on the blog next week (:


  2. I love the train shirt! So cute!