Sunday, August 4, 2013

53 Days of Summer: Week 7+

This is it!!!  My final post of my 53 days of summer!  I have had the most fun doing this series of posts.  This is the first time in my life I have taken at least one picture every day with my camera.  I love seeing and remembering all the fun and sometimes just plain mundane things we've done.

Day 43: July 25

Breakfast with Daddy at Jay Jay's Café. Yummy banana pancakes!!!

Day 44: July 26

Exploring Daddy's truck.

Day 45: July 27
Dinner at Twisted Root Burgers. J's stuffing his face with a mini corndog!

Day 46: July 28
Aaron gives his thoughts on Jake at Jake and Tanya's WWCC Goodbye Party.
At Jake and Tanya's Goodbye Lunch
Day 47: July 29

Just woke up from his morning nap!

Day 48: July 30
Mommy and J being silly and playing!  Yes, we are wearing J's pj pants on our heads!

Day 49: July 31

Trip down memory lane.  We went to RaRa's and "helped" her clean out some old stuff.  We came across some of Mommy's old things.  J is wearing the clown hat that went with my clown costume from 4th grade.  The pink jersey is proof I did play a sport! Soccer to be exact!  Notice it is pink!!!  The main reason I wanted to be on the team- for the pink jersey!!!  I have cared about clothing and style first and foremost my whole life!!!  Including at age 6!!!

Day 50: August 1
RaRa made dinner and J ate every bite.  He has become kind of picky, so the fact that he ate all the tilapia rice mixture is HUGE!!!

Day 51: August 2

Date Night!!! We got Yummilicious!  Can you tell which one is mine and which one is Aaron's?

Day 52: August 3
J and I went with RaRa and GPa on some errands.  This was on our stop at TX Appliances.  J loved the digital washing machine.  Mommy might have liked it, too!!!

Day 54: August 4

J's first haircut!!!  Thanks Teresa!!!
I can't believe it's over!!!  Goodbye summer!!!  I loved you while you lasted. 
 Tomorrow at 6 am I will be smacked in the face that indeed summer is over! 

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