Sunday, October 6, 2013

We finally did it!!!

Yes.  That is correct.  We have now entered the world of smart phones.  An IPhone 4s to be exact.  After much thought and number crunching, we got rid of our ordinary cell phone for a snazzy one.  And I must say it's AMAZING!!!  I love the camera and don't get me started on Instagram.  I've seen other people's Instagram pics on Facebook, but I never really got it.  Can I say it's SUPER cool!!! Plus, ICloud!!! I now have ICloud on my PC, so I can just open up my photo stream, save it to my folders on my desktop, and I'm done.  No camera cords!!! Seriously, it's genius!!!

That's our big news for the weekend.  We got IPhones!!!

On Friday night, my parents watched J overnight, so Aaron and I could have an evening to ourselves.  Aaron really wanted to see the movie, Gravity, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  We went to Studio Movie Grill and watched the movie and ate.  The movie did not disappoint. It was amazing!  I think Sandra Bullock deserves an Oscar for this.  On Saturday morning, we got our IPhones.  Spending an hour and a half in the AT&T store would not have been J friendly, so we chose to take care of that without him.  We had every intention to come home and clean out the garage, but that didn't happen.  By the time we finished up with our IPhone purchase, it was 11:30 and not really enough time to tackle that project.  After we got J, we kind of played on our IPhones during his nap and lounged around the house.  I also made a batch of pumpkin bread that was delicious!!! 
Another newsworthy development is that it appears fall has finally arrived in Texas.  Saturday morning it turned chilly, and it's been wonderful.  I actually wore my boots to church this morning.  Might have been overkill, but you gotta take it while you can around these parts.
Sunday lunch with my boys.
This afternoon we went to the Cowboys game with my parents.  It was a fun game.  If you ask Aaron, you will get a different story because we lost!  
Then, we went back over to Meema and PopPop's to pick up J, and I took a few other pics of my little man.  Isn't he the cutest?

 Cherry pie!!!
 Look at that face!!!
Can I just say that this kid is killing me in the food department!!!  He has gotten so picky!  Even foods he usually loves,  he will turn his nose up to.  It makes it very frustrating when making dinner!!!
So that's our weekend in a nutshell!!! The weekend of the IPhone!!!   



  1. Congrats on the new phones! Love the pix!!

  2. That movie freaks me out! I'm terrified of it, it's always been a weird fear of mine -- not that I ever wanted to be an astronaut, but it sounds super scary to be floating, lost in space!!! So, spoil it for me and tell me how it ends please! Just for peace of mind. :)