Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

I haven't spent near enough time on my blog lately, and I have been missing it!  It's crazy how in just a few months I have grown to really love my little piece of the internet.  I wasn't sure when I started that I would stick to it, but surprisingly I have.  For full disclosure, I am writing this while J is napping.  I have million things I could and should be doing around my house like cleaning, but is that what I am doing.  NOPE!!! 

So here are my FIVE for the week-

Because we now have IPhones, I am in love with Instagram!!!  I know lots of people have been using this forever, but to me it's a fun, new thing.  I don't have many followers, but at this point that doesn't even matter.  I love this app!!!  It's the coolest thing!!!  I HEART Instagram and the amazing camera on the IPhone.
Cinnamon Smore cake is so yummy!!!  I got the recipe from my fav, Mix and Match Mama.  This was originally cupcakes, but I modified and made it into a bundt cake.  It didn't disappoint.   Get the recipe here.
This is a picture of the bulletin board in my classroom/office.  This bulletin board is actually an old 1960's green chalkboard that I was covering up to add some warmth to my space.  This is what I walked into see this morning.  All that scotch tape isn't holding it up anymore!!! So annoying!!! Now, I have to figure out how to get it back up to stay up.  Not exactly a project I am looking forward to revisiting.  I haven't even had time to decorate the board.  You think I have time to redo this part!!!  Ugh!!!
I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but I secretly kind of like this show.  I don't really sit down and watch it, but Aaron has been watching this non-stop via DVR for the last 4 weeks.  It's on at night while I'm looking at the internet or working on something for school.  I haven't seen every episode by any means.  I get up and leave the room, but let me tell this show is really good.  I mean it's really bad, but it's really good, if you know what I mean.  I don't know everything, but I know enough to stop every so often and ask Aaron what's going on with this or that character.  Seriously, if there were Oscars for TV, Bryan Cranston, would win hands down!!! No question.
I can't have a five of anything without a picture of my favorite little guy.  He seriously is the best thing in the whole world!!!  LOVE!!!




  1. 1)Thanks for getting an iPhone! You will be teaching me a lot of cool Instagram! 2) I owe you a redo on that chalkboard. My bad :( 3) That cake was amazing! 4) would we like Breaking Bad? 5)That is my favorite grandson! Love him.

  2. The makers of Monkey Glue also have a tape, it clames to hold anything and is also weather proof.. Monkey Tape might be the answer to you board