Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beyond Frustrated

It looks as though I have been neglecting my blog lately.  I promise it's not intentional.  It's this wonderful iPhone that I love.  It's been giving me problems. 
My iCloud hasn't been working on my PC, so the pics I take don't go to my computer. Which ultimately means I can't post any here.  :(
Just to give you an idea of how frustrated I am.  I have spent about 4 hours on the phone with Apple support over the last 5 days!  Four hours of my life gone!!!  The senior technical support advisor, Vania, has been wonderful, and I can tell she is kind of at a loss.  Last night she had me restore my one month old iPhone to it's original settings.  It took about 30 minutes for it to reboot and erase all my settings.  But alas, still no pictures in my photo stream on my iCloud.  So here I sit typing this post with no new pictures to share.  I have pictures to share I just can't share them.  What a bummer!!!  I know there are bigger problems in the world.   Aaron keeps reminding me of that one.  But it still doesn't make it less annoying!!!

So until I get this little problem of mine is fixed.  I am thankful for my iPhone and Instagram just not so much for my iCloud. 

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  1. That is frustrating. If you really would like to blog before it gets fixed...I don't use icloud. I have a blogger app on my phone that I can upload my phone pics to. It's not the best for writing words in between pics so I usually upload the pics to it and then go on the computer to actually do the blog post. Before that, I would just email myself the pics and do it that way. So, something to try if you don't want to wait! :)