Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am so behind!!!

I can't believe it's been a month since I really blogged.  This stupid iCloud fiasco has been a nightmare.  It's still not completely resolved, but at least I now have the majority of the pics I've taken over the last month. 
I can't say enough about Apple Support.  They have been so "supportive," but I can say I am ready to not talk to them anymore.  I have spent about 8 hours over the last 3 weeks on the phone with them.  Here' to hoping when I talk to them again on Sunday that everything is completely fixed!!!

I have sooooooooo many pictures to share!!!!  It's kind of overwhelming.  Because this is my scrapbook, I don't want to leave any pictures out.  Over the next few days, it is likely I will be playing catch up.  You've been warned!!!  Prepare yourself for lots of Jackson!!!

Here are a few to get us started:

Sunday night: Cereal for dinner
I'm starting him early!!!

He was sitting in the floor saying, "Da-Te, Da-Te, Da-Te"
while he was looking at Daddy's stuff.  So cute!!!

Meema Monday Dinner- His cousins are always loving on J.

Center of attention!!! Is that a surprise?!


Shopping with RaRa!!!

Then, lunch!!!

His shirt says it all!!!

Aunt Holly and cousins got him some window clings.

Thanks, Aunt Holly!


New boots!!!  Meema got him John Deere ones!

That's all for now!!! Up next... Sick Baby J!!!

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