Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun Weekend!!!

We had a great weekend!!!  I had Friday off, so I could be at J's first speech therapy.  It was such a relief to finally meet with Ms. Nancy, and get some things to work on.  She gave us four different activities to work with J on over the next week.  So far we've worked a little bit each day on these items, and J is already starting to get some of it.  It's amazing how quickly he picks things up.  Just tonight, one of the activities she showed us, he finally got.  It's so exciting to see him understand!

Here's a photo dump of pictures from our weekend! 

Looking out after the speech therapist left.

 He wore his pj shorts on his head for a good 30 minutes!!!

Love that silly boy!!!

He's so silly!!!

Lunch at BoomerJacks with Addi, Owen, and Donna.

Daddy and J wearing Batman shirts.

Dinner at Fireside Pies with all the Chandlers.

J loves the famous egg noodles!!!

J is a true Texan.  He had his eye on some boots!

Walking with Meema.

The crew.

Love those boys!!!



Love these kiddos!!!  Especially the boy on the end clapping and having a good ole time!!!

Sunday, I didn't get any pictures.  Shame on me!!!  We went to church like always, had lunch, and J napped.  Then, we had our first small group meeting of the year in the fellowship/gym area at WWCC (if you can call it small with 35+ people ).   Aaron went with GPa to the first Cowboys game of the season, and they won!!!
Monday, again, no pics!!!  My MOMS Bible study group started up again this morning.  I am super excited about our new study! Then, J and I hung out the rest of the day getting lots of important stuff done. You know grocery shopping, dusting and vacuuming, napping (J not me), playing, and making dinner.  You know the usual stay-at-home mommy stuff.

After a great four day weekend, it's back to the grind tomorrow.  Yippee!!!  I am particularly looking forward to that 8 am faculty meeting! 

'til next time...



  1. Love all the pics but especially the ones of J with the pj's on his head! Love that silly boy!

  2. My good friend has a 3 yr old who is starting speech therapy, I'm anxious to talk to her and see how it's going. Good luck!