Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Unexpected Visit to Toyota

On Wednesday, J and I took an unplanned visit to the Toyota service department.  When I say unexpected, I mean we got in the car to go to the grocery store before we met Daddy for lunch to find my battery dead.  Talk about inconvenient!!!  I quickly called Aaron because I didn't know what to do.  My parents were in Jackson Hole for the week, so I didn't have them as back up.  After Aaron told me to put the car in neutral and push it into the driveway, then find a neighbor to jump my battery (not practical with a toddler), I called my parents in WY.  After joining AAA (thanks Dad!!!), the guy at AAA called me and walked me through how to get my car to start.  Yay!!! It worked.  I was still a little skeptical because my 4Runner never gives me problem!  So I called my dealership and they told me they could test my battery if I brought it in.  While I wasn't dying to spend an hour in a car dealership waiting room with a 19 month old around nap time, I gutted it up and did it.  In an hour, I had my battery replaced (it was about to bite the dust!), oil changed, and basic check-up.  Thank you Toyota service department for speeding my service along realizing I had a toddler!!!  So now, I have a new battery and feel much better!!!  Here are some pics I took of J while we were waiting.  By the way, he did great!!!  I am pretty lucky to have such a great little kiddo!!!

My Daddy needs this truck with a backseat for me.


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  1. Of course J was good! He loves a truck (like daddy), and wheels!
    Such a sweet boy!