Friday, June 21, 2013

Lunch with Friends/Dinner with Cousins


Sometimes Plan B is the best plan.  Today is a perfect example of that.  Kristen and I had originally planned to meet up at waterpark so our babies could play.  However Camden hasn't been feeling 100% this week, so we opted for a lunch date.  We had the best time!!! We met at Boo Boo's, which happens to be my favorite place to get a sandwich. 

Jackson cheesing it up!!!  Camdan had just woke up!
Jackson was in a very sharey mood today.  He kept giving Camdan his goldfish.  It was too cute!!!

This evening we had tickets to Bass Hall given to us by my parents at Christmas.  It was the last set of tickets in the package of four shows.  The point of them giving us these was so they could have Jackson spend the night and give us a date night.  Because my parents left for Florida today, we didn't have anyone to watch J overnight.  My Plan B for the tickets was to have my bro and sis in law go in our place.  We decided we wanted to give them a date night and watch our nieces and nephew for them.  It was a fun night!!! We ate pizza, played outside, and watched Finding Nemo before Aaron took them home to get them to bed. 

Brooke helps add air to the football.

Cute Chloe.

Watching the boys play.

Showing Will how to play Bocce ball.
Will's turn.

Watching the boys.

Brooke's turn.


Fun day with friends and cousins.  A day of memory making.  Does it get any better!


  1. Loved looking at all of the pics, especially where J is sharing with Camden!