Wednesday, June 19, 2013

53 Days of Summer- Week 1

I want to keep track of our summer by taking at least one pic every day.  Since my summer started on June 13 and ends August 4, I have 53 days of summer.  Hints the Title!!!

Here's from week 1-

Day 1: June 13
J spent the day with Meema and his cousins at Camp Meema Junior!
Day 2: June 14

I almost forgot to get one, so I got one at the end of the day during his nightly bottle.
Day 3: June 15
At Mema's birthday lunch!
Day 4: June 16

Checking in on Daddy in the shower before church!
Quick family pic after lunch!
Day 5: June 17
Daddy's new job at Brown Mackie 
Lunch with Daddy at Fuzzy's
Day 6: June 18

Trying to open the door.

Day 7: June 19

Meema and Tommy took J to the Circus show at the Leavitt.

We had a fun first week of summer!!!  Looking forward to what else summer brings!


  1. LOVE these pix - my favorite is him checking on Daddy in the shower! FUN, fun, times!! Uncle Tommy also has been playing Beachboys music for the little guy. Ask Aaron if he remembers the album "Endless Summer" that we used to play/blast in the car all Summer as the boys were growing up...

  2. Jackson is one busy and much loved little guy! I also love J peeking in the shower! That's our Curious J....and the irresistible sound of water!