Thursday, August 21, 2014

We're Having Baby #2!!!

We are officially announcing we are having baby #2!!! 
It's really not that big of a secret because we have slowly been telling a few people here and there over the last two weeks.  But we were waiting for the "official sonogram" today to actually make the BIG announcement.
Here's a timeline of the pregnancy so far--
June 29- We took the test the day after we got back from our beach vacation.  We got a PREGNANT!!!
July 1- Aug 1: General tiredness and nausea.  Then, I began throwing up.  NOT FUN!!!
I called my doctor's office halfway through the month when I began throwing up and asked for advice.  I began taking half a Unisom and a B6 vitamin every night.  It sort of helped.
Aug. 1-  After more throwing up, my doctor prescribed Zofran.  Yay!!!  I started eating again!!!
Aug. 6- First doctor's appointment and "unofficial sonogram"
Aug. 6- 21-  Still have general ickiness and my appetite is hit or miss.  Still taking Zofran occasionally but overall much better.
Aug. 21- Official sonogram-  My due date has been moved from the original March 1 to February 22.
So earlier this week when I said I took an unintentional blog break.  This would be the reason why.  The entire month of July I was so EXHAUSTED.  Like I would lay on the couch A LOT!!!  Like my husband would come home in the evening to me laying on the couch.  If you know me, I don't just lay on the couch.  Needless to say, napping and watching TV during J's nap times became the norm instead of cooking, cleaning, and blogging.  And sadly, J has watched more Mickey Mouse over the last six weeks than I would like to admit.
I still have days I don't feel 100% (in energy levels and appetite), but it is so much better!!!
I am hoping now that I am 12 weeks (13 weeks according to the sonogram).  I will just continue to feel better and better. 
I am back!!!  And it feels good!!!


  1. Congratulations!! So exciting! I hope you are able to continue blogging so I can follow along.

  2. Congratulations Hayley!! I am so so excited for you!!!

  3. HAYLEY!!!! Congratulations!!! Such exciting news! I'm glad you are sort of starting to feel better! February 25th is my bday, I'll keep my fingers crossed that's when Baby comes! :) yay, congrats again!!! Can't wait to read all the baby updates!