Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jackson Hole 2014

In an effort to get caught up, I have another vacation post for you.  Every summer I (now we) go to my parents cabin up in Idaho, just across the pass from Jackson Hole. 
It really is one of my favorite places in the world, and I am so glad J will be able to experience this as he grows up.  The thing that I love most about going is how relaxed it is.  Now, having J living out a suitcase and in a hotel room on a vacation just isn't as easy.  It is so great to be able to go to this home away from home and be able to spread out with a baby/toddler.

J and I left on a Tuesday afternoon.  This was J's fifth airplane ride in his short life, but the first one he has had in a year.  He has changed so much since this time last year, so I was a little nervous as to how he would do.  Why do I worry?  He did great!!!  As my mom says, he is the perfect little traveler.  He is so portable and really adapts to his surrounding so well.


I honestly didn't take that many pictures.  We go every year and we don't do a whole lot, especially since J is still little.  The main thing we did with J was swim lessons.  Because I wasn't that impressed with the ones I got him at the beginning of the summer, my mom arranged for J to get some private ones at the resort swimming pool.  J had one swim lesson with Ms. Ruth last year, but this year we were able to get in 5 private lessons. 

As you can see, my dad went in with J during his first lesson.  However, the last three lessons J was getting in just with Ms. Ruth.  He loved her!!!  She really has the sweetest way about her.  It helps that she has three of her own under 5, so I think she knows a thing or two about working with toddlers!!!  J really is a water baby.  He has no fear of it!!! He was going under the water no problem.  Ruth told us at the last lesson that if she could work with him for one more week he would be swimming by himself.

J LOVED the splash pad at the pool!!!
One night we drove into town (Victor, ID) and went to the weekly outdoor concert.  They have it every Thursday night during the summer.  It is the coolest thing because everyone from town and surrounding areas bring their kids and set up chairs and blankets and hang out.  They have food trucks lined up.  It really is so much fun!!!  The best part is that the nights get chilly up there so you aren't sweating at 7 pm like you would be here in Texas.  I looked at my phone while were sitting there, and it was 67 degrees!!!  Needless to say, we all had to put on sweatshirts!!!

Another day we drove back into JH to go to the new children's museum.  The funny thing is that the museum is where the original church of Christ was until they relocated about 3 years ago. 

J had the BEST time!!!  He played and played and wanted to play some more.  In fact, we broke for lunch, and the GPa and J went back to play for another hour, so we could go shop the square.
We met at the park with a picnic.  Jeane, a lady and friend of my parents from the local church, met us for lunch.  She is the sweetest!!!

Like I said, the girls went and shopped for a bit and GPa took J back to play.  Then, we went back to get them and played another 30 minutes because J didn't want to leave.
I really wish we had something so small and fun in Texas.  Yes, there is the FW museum, which is great, but it's big and crowded.  The great thing about the one in JH is you can tell it's mainly the locals that take their kids because it's so relaxed and not crazy busy.
Another afternoon J went on the last 7 holes of the golf course with my dad.  I have a feeling my dad will be teaching him golf before too long.  From what I hear, J had the best time riding in the cart and getting out at each hole.

Another evening we met Jeane and Charlie for dinner at Warbirds Café in Driggs.  This is a little restaurant inside an airplane hanger, and it is probably the best food in the Teton Valley.  It never disappoints.  We ate on the patio.  As luck would have it THREE small planes landed during dinner.  J loved seeing the planes!!! 
And here are some more swimming pics from later on in the trip.  We LOVE Ruth!!!

And J in 2013 at swim lessons-
One day after swim lessons, we stayed and had lunch.  Can I just say that I love pool food!!!!  Maybe not all pool food, but resort pool is really good!

And look at J in 2013 eating his lunch-

And every year, we take a picture by this sign.  I think it will be a great marker to see J growing and changing over the years.  Unfortunately, the sign was not up J's first year because it was being repaired.  Here are this year's pics.

And last year (2013)-

 This is us at the airport heading home.  It was 6:45 am and J was delirious having been woken up at 5 am!!!

I took this last pic on the plane ride home.  He was sitting there looking so old watching a Mickey Mouse episode on my Kindle Fire.
We had another amazing trip to the cabin!!!  We are so blessed to have opportunity to go to the mountains every summer.  I hope it's a tradition J looks forward to every summer. 


  1. That looks like such a fun trip. I wish my family had a cabin like that. I love the idea of annual trips whether it is to the beach or a cabin.

    Actually Kyle's family does have a cabin but it is in the middle of nowhere so it is different...but still fun.

  2. Wonderful trip! LOVE that little swimmin' boy!!